Episode 61

Part 2: More Groundbreaking Research Dismantles Book of Mormon Authenticity w/ Dr. John Lundwall

In Part 2 of Mormonish Podcast's ongoing series, Dr. John K. Lundwall expounds on his research discussed in Part 1, New Groundbreaking Research Dismantles Book of Mormon Authenticity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xu6VV9Nfq3E

Dr. Lundwall further probes the problems with Book of Mormon authenticity based on oral, secondary oral, and literary cultures in the pre–Columbian Americas. He also responds to comments and questions regarding the first installment of this series.

As we dive deeper into these concepts, Dr. Lundwall discusses how monotheism developed through multiple threads of history. While writing-systems form a cultural and intellectual framework of thought in which new religious ideas may grow, social and political contexts also play an equal role in the development of monotheism.

We also learn more about religious practices based on ritual and sacred place and the transition between temple theology versus individual, internalized worship, which was the common world view in the 19th century but did not exist in the Book of Mormon era.

The evolution of ritual and cosmological religion rooted in agriculture to a textualized religion rooted in laws, doctrines, and sermons, for example, the Torah, didn't actually occur until centuries after the Nephites left Jerusalem.

One of the more surprising discussion points Dr. Lundwall brings up involves the actual worship practices that existed in the pre Columbian Americas. Yes, we're going to talk about human sacrifice and headhunting.

This episode is scholarly in nature, but we encourage everyone to take a good look at this research and data. It's fascinating.

Dr. Lundwall will address the further points of his thesis, a) one cannot obtain the text of the Book of Mormon from the description of the gold plates, b) the characters copied by the scribes and witnesses purportedly from the gold plates are fabricated and can be falsified, and c) the standard of proof for the Book of Mormon resides only in a tight translation, in upcoming episodes. Please stay tuned!

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