Episode 42

What I Learned From My Five Moms: with Liz Phillips, Granddaughter of Polygamous Prophet Rulon Allred

On this episode of Mormonish Podcast, Rebecca and Landon have a wonderul conversation with our very good friend, Liz Phillips. Liz is the granddaughter of murdeed polygamist prophet, Rulan Allred. She grew up in polygamy, joined the mainstream LDS church as a teenager, and then lhad eft both as an adult. Liz talks about her upbringing in polygamy, her superwoman persona in the LDS church, and the challenges she faces now to raise her family without the roadmap of religion. Liz is a wise, wonderful and dynamic person that we can all learn a lot from. She's a truly special individual with such a unique background that we could have literally talked to her for hours. I'm sure you'll feel the same once you get to know Liz on this very speical episode of Mormonish Podcast.

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Rebecca Bibliotheca is a mother or three boys, co-founder of "The Good Book Club," a virtual reading group for post and nuanced Mormons, cohost of "Mormon Media Reviews," and leader of the "Mormon Stories Book Club." She has a Masters of Library and Information Science from BYU and worked for many years at the BYU Library. She and her husband, Tom, also founded a youth theater program that is in its 19th year. Rebecca loves the theater, reading, film, spending times outdoors, church watching and iced coffee!
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Landon Brophy is the proud father of four children, two grandchildren, three ATVs and a boat. He's a former military officer, the co-founder of The Good Book Club, a reading group for post and nuanced Mormons, ann international manager for a global defense contractor, and a worldwide traveler. He and his wife founded "Utah Wanderers," an online travel guide to exploring Utah. Landon loves the outdoors, ATVing, boating, flying, reading, observing the "ongoing restoration" and second Saturdays!